What will I do?

The process is what ever you want it to be. Each aspect is tailor-made for you as you follow your own path.
There are a number of things on the other hand, that stay the same:

  • All of the courses have timetables, and you control the speed at which you learn.

  • Teaching sessions are booked one at a time, or arranged with a specific course.

  • Each Teaching session is one hour and fifteen minutes.

  • The session is broken up into three sections.

  • Each section has its own focus and objective.

  • Only one process will be worked on per session

  • The processes are separated so as not to over load you

  • There are six steps to a process :- For more information on the steps go to steps.

  • To see an example of the course outline see :- Course outline
    Please feel free to contact the insitute with any furhter questions.

    How long will it take?