A Treatise on Consciousness, Meditation and the Principles of Happiness.
Is happiness something we are born with or without, something we need to earn or is it something we can achieve if we decide to? Is there a scientific way to find happiness, Where you can systemically follow a process of understanding that will lead to guaranteed happiness?

The answer is clear and concise: Happiness comes from within and is independent of outer circumstances. It is a condition we can all achieve and live in permanently, if we are willing to change certain things in our perspective and way of living. The Science of Happiness introduces how to change your life view and thereby achieve inner peace and fill your life with happiness and positivity.
Without being to technical The Science of Happiness introduces concepts like belief and spirituality from a scientific perspective, which gives a clear and tangible understanding of what it means to be in contact with your higher-self and the shared consciousness of the universe.

Everybody can become happy by using the science of Happiness, it is just a question of an open mind and willingness to change.
Benjamin James Matthew
Benjamin, the man behind the Institute of Spiritual Learning, has among other things studied maths and theoretical physics at University Collage London and computer systems at Oxford University. For a period he put aside science, to study different religious philosophies, esoteric teachings and spirituality which has taken up the last 15 years. Today he has combined his knowledge from the two different disciplines to create The Institute of Spiritual Learning. The institute spends its time guiding private and professional people as well as providing lectures on how to improve our quality of life, as seen from a scientific and spiritual view.

"...Benjamin is a fabulous teacher who has an incredible skill of read peoples feelings and behaviour. He is dedicated and resourceful which leads to permanent progress for the people he works with. Further more Benjamin is a noteworthy speaker, whose skill to engage and teach large groups of people is inspiring and thought provoking..."
HannahMariya Alfa Zoƫ Epstein