The Science of Happiness course can be structured to suit business people (Happy business is good business)
or private people with an interest in a more happy life (The Science of Happiness).

The Science of Happiness
What you are attempting to achieve by this course, is a state of inner peace and happiness. Your journey is one of self discovery and self understanding. Many people see happiness as unachievable and as something that only comes in short periods or glimpse. But happiness and inner peace can be a permanent state of being that you can stay in your entire life.
However, you must realise that this is not something that you can achieve in a few short weeks. What you have come to understand and expect from your own experiences has shown you that once you fix a problem it is fixed. This is not the case with your inner self, nor is it the case for your karma. The search for happiness requires hard work. And this is where it begins.

Approximately 3 hours per week in 14 weeks, see the full course plan here
Happy business is good business
We all know that when we are happy we have more energy, we get more good ideas, we create fewer conflicts and we are feeling better physical as well as mental. Therefore it can not be surprising that a company with happy employees functions better than a company with unhappy and frustrated employees.
Can we learn to be happy without reason even if everything around us is in confusion? Yes we can! This course is a step by step guide into how to get a happy life both when we are at work and when we are off. It is not something that comes easy, it requires hard work and can be achieved by everybody no matter what their background is.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours per week in 14 weeks, see the full course plan here