The Science of Happiness

Course work each week

  • Contact the Higher self
  • Protecting yourself from the self
  • Your real world identity
  • The illusion of the world
  • The process of belief: The leap of faith
  • The manifestation of inner peace
  • The joy of finding the universe to be a wonderful place
  • Joy, purification and the principal of gratitude

    The practical application of joy, happiness and gratitude

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4

Work during the break

  • Step One - Decide that you are going to change.
  • Step Two - Find yourself, within your self
  • Step Three - Begin at the beginning, Chapter One.
  • Step Four - Believe that you can change.
  • Step Five - Remember, one day at a time.
  • Teaching steps

    1. Discovering the location of the disharmony
    (In space, time or emotions)
    2. Guide the student to the problem and find a way to access it
    3. Guide the student back to the present moment with a clear understanding of their emotional presence
    4. Embrace the emotional relevance of the vibration in the now – discuss how it is manifesting itself.
    5. Let the vibration dissipate out into nothingness.
    Move into your new potential

  • Finding happiness and harmony

  • You have chosen to become part of an order of spiritual awareness, and you are never alone.
    From this point, pure awareness is open to you, and access to the masters of truth.

    From this point forward : your life can and will be guided by truth and by knowledge, for every question there is an answer. The answer is inside of you, it comes from a higher place and it comes to you through the astral plane of consciousness shared by all consciousness that has lived.

    Duration: 14 weeks
    Price: 20 000,- DKK