Topic 1

Conflict and communication
what is communication
  • A short breakdown of how we define communication in the modern world

  • how communication feels
  • Looking at how the process of communication is experienced by the body

  • when agreement fails
  • The process of recognising when the experience of communication ends

  • when disagreement succeeds
  • The benefits of maintaining your refusal to accept a point of view

  • Topic 2

    The flow of energy
    how we experience energy flow
  • Is the process of communication an experience?

  • pseudo-phenomenology
  • Dr R.D. Lang and C.G. Jung’s ideas on behavioural psychology

  • the communication token
  • What is it that we do when we communication

  • how to overcome energy blockage
  • Are there aspects of the process we can learn from?

  • Topic 3

    Respect the gender difference
    what is (self) – respect
  • In what aspects of our life does our own perception of self, influence our communication

  • How does if feel
  • What signals do we have that our level of respect is equal to that which is expected by our partner/ communicational other

  • How do we show mutual respect
  • Before we begin to develop mutual respect we have to begin by feeling our way through the gender differences.