About Us

ISL is a modern institute set-up to accommodate the need for a better understanding in matters pertaining to the spiritual self.

The objective of every human-being on this small planet is to better understand themselves. We have accumulated, over the past 4000 years, a complete unabridged version of the knowledge of life. ISL has begun the task of organising this information into clearly understandable sections of human reasoning more


Challenging yourself can be a daunting process
Confidence and respect can be gained and lost. No one can take away who you are. The only thing you have to lose, is the lie you have been telling yourself.

our principles

1. 'Vetitum Discepto Est!'
'No Compromise'. Or more plainly put,
'Think for Yourself'. It is all to often the case that your own feelings or will, are put second. No more!

2. Truth, faith and belief
Our principles are our guide, both in what we do and who we are. Truth is self honesty, faith is self belief and Belief is letting go.