This is your chance to become everything you want to be.

Making the right choice

As well as offering courses in personal development
ISL has a wide range of courses to help you better understand your life. The same principles apply, whether your looking for self development or success in your career.

ISL has a course to help you on your way.

Finding Yourself

The institute offers guidance in a number of different areas of life. Either for your personal development, spiritual development or just for a happier way of working.

The Science of Happiness
What you are attempting to achieve with this course is a state of inner peace and happiness. Your journey is one of self discovery and self understanding. However, you must realise that this is not something that you can achieve in a few short weeks. more

The Law of Attraction.
As you may have already been aware, the Law of Attraction was popularised by the movie “The Secret”. However, the Law of Attraction itself falls under a large envelope of study. What this course aims to do is to introduce the basic ideas of personal creativity and why you really 'are' the creator of your own life. more

Confronting life choices
We are all on a journey of self development and learning. When one door closes another door opens. The hardest thing to do it believe this is always true. If you blame, you lose. If you question, you lose. If you fight, you lose. Why? Because you are the only person on your journey. And your subconscious is not try to sabotage your path;
It is trying to help you! more