What do I really want to do in my life?

Do you recognise the feeling that what you are doing is not your most desired inner dream? If things were a little different, would you work with something different, live in a different place or prioritize your time differently? Many people don't dare to live out their innermost dreams. They live the life they think is expected of them rather than following their hearts. Many have grown up with warnings like:
"You can't make a living doing that"
"Not enough jobs in that trade"
"It's too insecure" etc...
We have been given life to live now, we are here to learn and live every moment of every day. What would happen, if you listened to your higher self and truly followed your heart? What would happen if you started living the life you always dreamed of, right here and now? The lecture is about; how you listen to your higher self and follow your heart and how you can know if you are making the right decision and why it is so hard to dare to live life fully.