Spiritual Business Development

A lecture on belief; what it means to believe and what influence belief has in our business dealings.
We all hold some kind of belief. Whenever we have experienced something happen in a certain way, if we see something happen enough times we will start to believe that it will continue to happen in this way. This is understood by everyone with gravity and with the fact that you 'know' that your house is going to stay in the same place every day when you come home.

Many of us find it hard to believe in our higher selves. To believe that we are being guided, that everything happens in the right way, that there is purpose in all that happens and that we are creating our lives; in a way that makes us grow so we can learn what we are meant to learn in our lives.
This also includes the experiences that we would rather be without.

The lecture covers, an out line of religious beliefs and modern philosophical ideas, drawing comparisons between them and their similarities; in an attempt to demonstrate the concept of ultimate true. The talk also introduces an understanding of how belief and faith can contribute to our world and to us as individuals.