Spiritaul Learning

We live to be, we strive to learn, without the spirit we are but shadows of our full potential.
Today, in the modern world, the concept of spirituality or even the word spiritual conjurers up ideas of mystical beings, rooms full of old books and even the church. However, the idea 'spiritual' is nothing more than a name for a part of the “state of being” human. We are all spiritual, when we shop, when we eat, when we make love and even when we are on the toilet.
Being spiritual, is feeling and knowing. Being Spiritual is being alive. People talk about Mindfulness, people talk about trusting your feelings and people accept “the way it is”. But when a word like spirituality or spiritual is used to describe the human state, people become afraid. ISLearning teaches modern concepts of spirituality, how to become more spiritual without all the mumbo-jumbo associated with the word “Spiritual”.

"Follow the path of learning and conquer the fear of yourself...."