Science versus Spirituality

Topic 1

The problem of the meat machine
The experience of the person within the moment
  • How the basic science of movement has been used to describe our identity

  • Our relationship with, what happens to us
  • The way in which we remove our life and emotions from the moment

  • The definition of who we are
  • Our process of self discovery has become an external experiment

  • How to change this moment by moment
  • An introduction into the process of self creation: a guide to the moment

  • Topic 2

    The spiritual model
    What is spirituality?
  • How our own determination to define externally has blinded us from ourself.

  • How can this knowledge help
  • Expressing ourselves in a new way and its power.

  • The field of vibration
  • If I am spiritual and have chakra, what are they for?

  • The experience of life through a lens
  • The power of opening your eyes to the potential of your own power.

  • Topic 3

    The Scientific mode
    An outline of the scientific world
  • In what aspects of our life does our own perception of self, influence our communication

  • Science and the Science of Science
  • How the basic idea of an scientific endeavour is open to interpretation

  • How our view as scientists has changed
  • An experiment into the idea of permanent and known

  • What we can use our view of the world for?
  • The process of reintegration of the known self with the unknown self

  • Using the scientific method to describe that which is spiritual
  • A conclusion of the freedom gained by letting go of certainty.